Why Us

We provide organizations with predictable, business-focused IT services that optimize operations, manage risk and deliver measurable business value to our customers.


IT Challenges

Lack of accountability:
No single, responsible entity for IT management and planning

Unpredictable IT costs:
IT support cost fluctuations impact budgeting and planning

Chronic IT issues:
Similar incidents happen again and again

Downtime costs:
IT interruptions or failures cost time, money and productivity

Misaligned objectives:
IT provider’s and client’s business needs don’t match

Benefits of Managed IT with us

Industry Centric Approach

Industry Centric Approach for your business

Proactive Monitoring

24×7 performance monitoring of your key devices, applications and IT resources.

Your Own IT Department

Any IT Help required just reach out to us we are your own IT Department


Comprehensive reporting, analysis and consultation.


Total cost predictability a single monthly fee gets you a complete IT solution to
Lower total cost of ownership and management

Estimate Loss for a File Server Failure at 20 User Law Firm

Legal partners
Average Response Time
Cost to Company
Average Downtime (8 Hr Day) : 100%
Average Utilization Rate (Billable Time) : 70%
Productivity Drop : 30%

For eight hours, employees do not have access to their client records, forms, document assembly and case management resources. The firm’s partners and associates have a typical average utilization rate of 70% (billable time). During the course of this failure, they can only work at 30% of the normal level of productivity. Service provider begins remediation two hours after failure.

Downtime Incident Cost Calculations:

  • 6 hrs of technician time to fix the server: $600 (6%)
  • 4 partners’ lost billing at 30% utilization: $3,920 (39%)
  • 10 associates’ lost billing at 30% utilization: $5,488 (55%)

Can You Afford Not To?

  • Increase System uptime and performance

  • Increase Staff productivity

  • Increase Cost predictability

  • Increase Alignment of IT to business needs

  • Increase Transparency into IT performance

  • Reduce Total cost of IT management

  • Reduce Security and compliance exposure

  • Reduce Risk of catastrophic data loss

  • Reduce Emergency IT issues

  • Reduce time and lost productivity costs

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